Autumn Scents to Reduce Stress

Autumn Scents to Reduce Stress

Stress seems to be an all too common theme in today’s households, there’s simply no way to completely avoid it. After a busy summer, you may be looking forward to a chance to slow down and recuperate a bit. Tapping into your sense of smell is a great way to reduce stress.


Autumn Decorating Ideas That Don’t Cost a Fortune

Autumn Decorating Ideas That Don’t Cost a Fortune

Fall is a traditional time of the harvest celebration since the days when farming was commonplace, and this theme continues today even in urban communities. Decorating for the fall harvest means celebrating the bounty of the growing season and blessing the change from summer to winter. Many people go out on fall harvest decor than they do on any other holiday. All of the orange and yellow colors, the traditional scarecrow and pumpkins. This truly is a remarkable time of year and is one of the most beautiful. It can also be a festive time to usher in the holiday season.

Here are some tips and ideas for your fall harvest decorating this year.

1. Charming Frames
Chances are, you have picture frames stored away in various places in your home. They make popular gifts, and many of us end up with more than we need. If not, you can often find them for very little money at second-hand stores and even some major retailers.

You can make fall harvest decorations from these ordinary frames. Lightly glue pressed leaves and/or flowers onto a blank white background, such as a piece of card stock, and insert it into the frame. If you are lucky enough to have frames with two pieces of glass, you can achieve a floating leaf look by sandwiching it between the glass.

These look nice on a table, mantel, wall, or anywhere you want to bring autumn in.

Another note on frames – using a hot glue gun, you can attach acorns, seed pods, and other autumn odds and ends to the frame itself.

If you have any craft paints you can paint the frames in beautiful fall colors. Blend the colors together with a dry brush or piece of cloth to give it some depth and a unique pattern.

2. Natural Vases for Flower Arrangements

You may not have considered this, but autumn brings all sorts of interesting fruits and vegetables that you can use as vases and centerpieces for fall arrangements.

The best vegetables and fruits for this type of decoration are those with a long shelf life, such as squashes, gourds, and apples. But you can certainly think outside the box if you’re only going to have the decoration up for a few hours.

In that case, you can include citrus peel cups and even hollowed out pears. Basically, you slice the top off of the vegetable or fruit of your choice, and then dig out the flesh to the depth you need. You can then fill it with water and flowers, or use floral foam.

Most people think of a pumpkin as strictly a halloween decoration to carve, but you can also cut the top off and use it as a centerpiece with a beautiful fall arrangement inside.

3. More with Gourds and Pumpkins

All those inexpensive little gourds and pumpkins are readily available in the fall. Gather lots of them and make a wreath using hot glue and a circular base (such as grapevine or a foam craft ring). Another idea is to arrange gourds on a cake plate, or pile them in a tiered tray. You can even make a garland of small gourds, stringing them on fishing line or upholstery thread.

Simply add sprigs of fall colored leaves between a few of them and you have a full bodied and gorgeous decoration for your home.

Fall is one of the most spectacular times of the year. You can bring that beauty inside and decorate your home for a warm, inviting atmosphere that friends and family will enjoy just as much as you do.